Today I’ve officially started as an Assistant Professor at Penn State! I’m excited to kick off this new adventure and to work with some great new colleagues.


Now that the summer is coming to a close, our group has shrunk again as we’ve said goodbye to Paige and Rachel. Fall application season will soon be upon us. Please visit the Opportunities page to read about graduate student positions at Penn State for fall 2022!


Congrats to collaborator Rose Palermo for publishing the results from her undergraduate thesis in Esurf! Rose’s thesis examined relationships between sand cover, shoreline roughness, storms, and erosion rates at Sargent Beach in Texas. Check out the accepted manuscript here.


Congrats to Caltech collaborator Madison Douglas on publishing the first paper of her PhD! Check out Madison’s work on discontinuous permafrost microbial communities here.


Very excited to announce that I’ll be joining the Geoscience department at Penn State in January 2022! I’ve really enjoyed my time at LANL, but am ready for this new adventure. Stay tuned for new student opportunities!


Many thanks to Jay Hariharan for all of his hard work over the course of his internship, which sadly ends today. Stay tuned for exciting new papers in the works from Jay on delta channel network flux partitioning!


This week we welcome two new group members: Rachel Ulrich and Paige Tunby. Paige is an MS student at UNM who will be working on comparing Arctic and temperate delta morphologies, and Rachel is a post-MS researcher from Montana State with a background in statistics who will be working on a brand new project on temporally varying hydrologic connectivity on river deltas.


Our latest paper was just published in JGR-Earth Surface! Check it out here to read about the combined effects of ice and permafrost on delta morphodynamics and sediment depositional patterns.

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