Current members

Anastasia Piliouras

Anastasia is an Assistant Professor at Penn State University. She is interested in fluvial, deltaic, and coastal morphodynamics, as well as feedbacks between climate, vegetation, hydrology, and surface processes. She spends most of her time working on Arctic landscapes and dynamics, using combinations of field work, remote sensing, experiments, and numerical modeling to understand how landscapes and process interactions evolve over time. Outside of work, Anastasia is an avid baker, musical theatre enthusiast, and tennis player.



Claire Hines

Claire Hines is a current Masters student in the Department of Geosciences. Claire is working on modeling suspended sediment transport through Arctic river deltas to estimate how much sediment deltas may trap and what effect that has on coastal turbidity in the Arctic.


Jiahao Guo

Jiahao is a current Earth Science major in the Department of Geosciences at Penn State. He’s working with us to analyze and compare the morphologies of Arctic and temperate deltas in remotely sensed imagery.


Selma Oregon

Selma is a current Wildlife and Fisheries major at Penn State. Selma first started working with us through a Research Experience for Undergraduates and has continued her research on Arctic deltas. Selma is quantifying fluxes of soil organic carbon due to bank erosion on major Arctic deltas.


Past members at LANL

Rachel Ulrich

Rachel was a post-Masters researcher at LANL who received her MS in Statistics from Montana State University. She worked on our CSES project to examine seasonal variability in surface hydrologic connectivity on river deltas and its effects on water residence times.

Paige Tunby

Paige is an MS student in Civil Engineering at the University of New Mexico. She joined LANL through the Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program and has been collaborating on the HiLAT-RASM project to compare Arctic and temperate delta morphologies. The goal is to determine if Arctic deltas are different from non-Arctic deltas and if so, why?

Jay Hariharan

Jay is a PhD student at UT Austin in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Through the NSF INTERN program, Jay has been collaborating to improve our understanding of flux distributions through delta channel networks by comparing typical width-weighted flux partitioning schemes with model fluxes from DeltaRCM. Read more at Jay’s personal website.

Mulu Fratkin

Mulu was a post-Masters researcher at LANL from 2018-2020. During his last year, he worked to analyze the spatial distribution of thermokarst lakes in Alaska, differences in lake morphologies, and effects of lake bathymetry on talik development.

Tabatha Clevenger

Tabatha joined us via the SULI program in summer 2020. She collaborated on the InteRFACE project to help develop coastal terrestrial typologies on Alaska’s North Slope. Tabatha is an undergraduate at Vassar College.

Ryan Herring

Ryan worked with us via the SULI program in summer 2020. He worked on the HiLAT-RASM project to develop techniques to observe river mouth ice melting patterns in synthetic aperture radar. Ryan is a graduate student at Yonsei University.

Deon Knights

Deon worked with us via the NSF INTERN program in 2019 to model nitrate loss in the Mackenzie Delta channel network. Deon received his PhD from Ohio State in 2020 and is now an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at West Virginia University.

Rebecca Lauzon

Rebecca worked with us for the summers of 2017 and 2018 to model the effects of ice cover and permafrost on delta morphodynamics using DeltaRCM. Rebecca received her PhD from Duke University in 2018.

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