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The following is a list of opportunities students and/or postdocs can apply for to collaborate with me at LANL. Some are open applications, while others are internal to LANL and therefore require more input from me. LANL also has postdoctoral fellowships. Please reach out by email (apiliouras@lanl.gov) to discuss any of these opportunities, including if you are not eligible for these but are interested in collaborating.


Paid internships for current undergraduates and recent graduates within two years of degree. There are fall, spring, and summer terms with May, October, and January deadlines, respectively. Fall and spring terms are 16 weeks, while summer is 10 weeks.

This program supports undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Minority Serving Institutions to conduct paid summer internships at a national lab. This requires a short project proposal from me in September/October for the following summer, with student applications due in January. Students can apply to any of the posted internship opportunities on Zintellect.

For PhD students who’ve already passed their qualifiers. Research interest must be somewhat aligned with my ongoing research and fall into a priority research area, which change year to year and are listed on the website. Funding for 3-12 months with application deadlines in November and May.

Multi-year graduate fellowships that support students doing computational research. Includes a 12-week practicum at a national lab.

Multi-year graduate fellowships that support PhD students who are part of the University of California system and who have already advanced to candidacy. Open to any research area. Requires letter of intent due in June and a full proposal due in September, if invited following the letter of intent decision.

For graduate students funded by an advisor’s active NSF grant. Students and their advisors can apply for supplemental funding to give the student experience working in a non-academic setting, which includes national labs. Requires a short proposal from the student/advisor and a letter of support from me.

Fellowships for post-bacc, post-MS, and current graduate students. Requires a proposal from me developed in collaboration with the student, due in April, and must align with current research focus areas as listed in the CSES Call for Proposals. Graduate fellowship provides support for a 16-week internship each year and can be up to three years in length. Post-bacc and post-masters fellowships are full-time and up to two years in length.


I don’t have any openings for postdocs at this time, but students with particularly strong publication records may be considered for LANL fellowships. Please feel free to reach out by email to discuss this option.

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